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Little Bay
Butlers pantry

A small windowless room in a new apartment was a place that the clients used as a storage room for tools and kitchen ware. The solution was to create a custom Butlers Pantry and a large cupboard that could house all of the household tools and vacuum cleaner.

To make the room look like it was part of the new apartment all of the existing materials from the kitchen were sourced and used for the new space.

To give the room a bespoke industrial look which matches in with the clients existing decor  we used galvanised plumbing hardware to create strong brackets for the shelving.

Wine storage was  needed in the pantry and a 3 piece set from Lincoln Sentry was a perfect fit under the bench. LED lights under the shelving and behind the wine add a touch of drama to the space.

This is a project in progress. After pictures to come!
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